Monday, September 30, 2019

Story Post: Troubling Omens

Last night you had a dream. (Or was it last hallucination?) You saw a totem pole on the island, with each of the Castaways faces on it, except one, you don’t remember whose. Instead, in that position appeared a terrifying totem spirit. The wooden face had angry slanted eyebrows, over dark brown wooden eyes, looking right at you! You awoke in a sweat, with a sudden realization: someone on this Island has it in for you.

The Traitor has been chosen, and is an active player.

Little Mac’s face was there, too, but on a totem pole somehow separate from yours. He was crying to you pitifully for you to help find him. But that was just before the dream transitioned to one of your croissant and danish fantasies, and your inner eye stopped paying direct attention.



02-10-2019 01:08:37 UTC

On the morning of Date 32, I will not be found. Was I a hallucination as well? Or am I just hiding in a cave somewhere, like Little Mac?

I idle; quorum remains 4.