Thursday, April 29, 2010

Proposal: Tucker’s Law

Passes 9-4 with 3 unresolved DEFs. Ienpw

Adminned at 01 May 2010 07:23:00 UTC

In Rule 2.1, replace “Voters can change their own Ballot to any valid value at will.” with:-

As a daily Action, a Voter may change their own Ballot to any valid value, so long as no other Voter has changed their own Ballot to that same value in the previous hour.

Forming an orderly queue for the voting booth, to mitigate the swing of a last-minute IRC conspiracy, and to encourage people to vote early.


Josh: he/they

29-04-2010 10:23:56 UTC

for Very much pro this.


29-04-2010 10:27:11 UTC

for Just wish the manifestos would get up soon that way I would know who to vote for.


29-04-2010 12:45:19 UTC


I assume “Day X” instead of a fix day is enough to avoid last minute IRC conspiracy.

On the other hand, this could be really annoying; maybe there are even some loopholes. (eg. A and B are the favourites. C favours A and D B. Both know this information and Day X is known as the following day. C could vote for B and avoid so D from voting for B. On d-day (d-day sounds better than Day X btw.) C votes for A and B need to be awake. I know C and D could have voted earlier, but maybe there could be reasons for not doing so.)

Finally, elections are free.


29-04-2010 12:51:43 UTC

Makes it a game.

Kevan: City he/him

29-04-2010 13:20:13 UTC

[Keba] Afraid I’m not sure what you mean by “Day X” being enough to avoid players coordinating last minute votes on IRC, or what you mean by B needing “to be awake”.

Yes, there’s some potential for your vote of choice to be blocked if you leave it to the last minute to submit your Ballot, but encouraging people to vote early should make the next week more interesting. If there’s going to be a tussle between a couple of candidates for lead position, I’d rather see that played out in public over a few days on the blog, than between a few players in the half hour before endgame on the IRC channel.


29-04-2010 13:21:36 UTC



29-04-2010 14:17:54 UTC



29-04-2010 14:38:02 UTC



29-04-2010 15:20:04 UTC



29-04-2010 16:12:09 UTC



29-04-2010 17:09:07 UTC


redtara: they/them

29-04-2010 19:18:05 UTC



29-04-2010 19:19:42 UTC

against per Keba: it would make it possible to change your vote to a candidate you didn’t like, then back to the candidate you wanted, an hour from deadline, to prevent anyone else changing their vote at the last minute if your favoured candidate was already winning.

Kevan: City he/him

29-04-2010 20:05:32 UTC

[ais] No, this rule also makes ballot-changing a daily action.

Darknight: he/him

29-04-2010 20:09:35 UTC



29-04-2010 20:52:55 UTC

[Kevan] Oh, I‘m sorry. My memory was wrong about this Proposal. I thought the Emperor could easily change the Christmas Day, if he wants to. So he has the power to end a Dynasty.

Not sure whether this Rule would make sense, but (and that is important here) there is no such Rule, therefore my argumentation is not really convincing.

But I do not change my vote, because I’m afraid of possible problems.

PS: This reminds me on the “safety vs. freedom” discussions in RL politics. You try adding some safety here, but you would loose some freedom…


29-04-2010 21:16:03 UTC



29-04-2010 22:00:43 UTC

@Kevan: missed that it was a daily. CoV imperial


30-04-2010 16:14:38 UTC



01-05-2010 10:16:29 UTC

CoV for