Sunday, January 01, 2023

Story Post: Turn 10 - New Year, Same Old House

Janet fell into a deep slumber in the Foyer.

Chiiika meditated for a long while in the Sitting Room.

Kevan took a break in the Gallery, staring at the art that was visible with his Lit Flashlight.

Darknight grabbed the Musty Tome that was sitting on the floor of the Cellar.

quirck sat down to rest a bit in the Library.

SingularByte walked West into the Foyer.

Habanero walked West with his Lit Flashlight into the Dining Room, while Raven1207 walked up to the Gallery.

Josh walked North into the Dining Room.

Trapdoorspyder walked South in the Supply Closet, seeking secrets but finding none.

Bucky turned off his Flashlight and grabbed the Fragment from the floor of the Ballroom Overlook, turning it over as its runes glowed faintly in the dark.


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