Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Story Post: Turn 12 - Defying the Laws of Physics

Janet was starting to disappear under the dust as she rested in the Foyer.

Chiiika seemed to be melding into the furniture while remaining seated in the Sitting Room.

Kevan leaned against the wall and waited in the Hallway.

Darknight stayed in the Cellar where he felt safe.

Habanero sat on the table in the Billiard Room and did nothing else.

Trapdoorspyder grabbed a Fragment from the Gymnasium floor, fitting it together with the Fragment he already had. The rune pattern was more complete. It looked like he would only need one more to invoke the power within the Fragments.

SingularByte dropped his Hipflask and walked East to the Supply Closet.

quirck walked South to the Utility Room.

Raven1207 walked South to the Main Bedroom.

Benbot fled North into the Wine Cellar.

Josh fled North through the Dining Room and into the Ballroom.

Bucky walked East to the Main Bedroom, lighting it up with his Lit Flashlight.


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