Friday, January 06, 2023

Story Post: Turn 13 - Lucky 13

Janet was barely visible through the layer of dust that settled on her as she remained in the Foyer.

Chiiika was in danger of being eaten by spiders as cobwebs nearly covered her while she sat in the Sitting Room.

quirck grabbed the Flashlight in the Utility Room and discovered that it was Uncursed.

Josh grabbed the Holy Water in the Ballroom. It was Uncursed as expected.

Benbot took a break in the Wine Cellar.

Kevan walked Up to the Gallery with his Uncursed Lit Flashlight.

Darknight walked South in the Cellar and found a depression in the wall. Pushing it aside, he walked through a secret passage to the Guest Bedroom.

Habanero fled North through the Dining Room and into the Ballroom, his Cursed Lit Flashlight illuminating it and revealing the once-smooth floor now scuffed with age and wear.

SingularByte fled North through the Chamber of Broken Mirrors, then the Gymnasium, and finally came to a halt in the Dressing Room.

Raven1207 walked West into the Servant Corridor, while Bucky walked North into the Gallery with his Cursed Lit Flashlight.

Trapdoorspyder walked North into the Dressing Room.


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