Friday, October 05, 2012

Proposal: Turtles, all the way down

Passes 3-0 with one unresolved DEF. — Quirck

Adminned at 07 Oct 2012 03:07:20 UTC

In the rule entitled Pens, change “Black” to “Black or Purple” in the line which reads “If a Student’s COLOR roll results in Black, they may roll again.”

In the same rule, change the which reads “Any Student with a Magenta or Purple pen is known as a Prefect” to read as follows:

Any Student with a Magenta pen is known as a Hall Monitor.
Any Student with a Purple pen is known as a Prefect. At any time, no more than one Student may possess a Purple pen. The Professor has a special Pen which, while not Purple for the purposes of the ruleset, can write in Purple ink.

Add a new rule, entitled Prefectures, to the ruleset:

A Prefect may act as a proxy for the Professor in certain matters. A period in which there is an active Prefect is known as a Prefecture, and may be referred to as the “n’th Prefecture of x”, where x the the name of the Prefect and n is the number of Prefectures they have had.

If at any time there is no Prefect, the Professor may appoint a Student to be the Prefect by making a story post to that effect, provided that the appointment does not violate any other conditions detailed in this paragraph for Prefect eligibility. No Student may be Prefect twice in a row, and no Student may be appointed as Prefect if that would mean that they had been Prefect at least twice more than another Student. The nominated student should then, at their earliest opportunity, post a Prefecture Address specifying their plans and priorities for their Prefecture. Once this Prefecture Address has been posted, the Prefecture officially starts and the Student may change their Pen colour to Purple.

A Prefecture may last for no more than one week. At the end of that week, the Student who was the Prefect ceases to be the Prefect and may no longer undertake any Prefect-specific actions; any Student may then remove the Purple pen from their record in the GNDT. The Professor should then, at their first opportunity, make a story post giving the former Prefect a grade, expressed as a percentage score, for their Prefecture. If the score is higher than 75%, the Student scores.

If any Student has a purple pen when this proposal is enacted, change that Student’s pen to another colour as per the procedure set out in the rule entitled Pens.

Another tack on the emperor-as-a-success-factor question: allowing for mini-dynasties in which players can experiment with Emperor behaviour, and get graded for it.



05-10-2012 16:38:08 UTC

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One problem though: there is no of appointing Prefects for now, because “no Student may be appointed as Prefect if that would mean that they had been Prefect at least twice more than another Student” and if any appointment would be made, that would be 1 > 2 * 0 (as all the other students weren’t appointed yet), and it would, thus, be ilegal.

Kevan: he/him

05-10-2012 16:40:47 UTC

I think “twice more” is intended as an addition (“two more times”) rather than a multiplication.



05-10-2012 16:50:43 UTC

When it’s ambiguos, what takes precedence? As far as I can see, both interpretations are equally valid.

Josh: Observer he/they

05-10-2012 17:06:41 UTC

There’s no precedence, so I suggest we do it Kevan’s way then see what happens if it goes to CfJ.

Josh: Observer he/they

05-10-2012 17:07:25 UTC

By the way, I wrote that line like fifteen times but couldn’t find an unambiguous wording. Would definitely appreciate a patch proposal.

quirck: he/him

05-10-2012 18:50:14 UTC

What about “no Student may be appointed as Prefect if they have been Prefect more times than some other Student”? >= x + 2 is equivalent to > x + 1.



05-10-2012 22:39:59 UTC



05-10-2012 23:18:02 UTC

Which “certain manners”?