Thursday, June 15, 2017

Proposal: Twin Sleds

Reaches quorum 5-2. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Jun 2017 12:40:55 UTC

Amend rule “Using Supplies” by substituting “2” for the default value for the number of Dog Sleds.
Set to 2 the number of Dog Sleds of every Explorer who has less than 2 Dog Sleds.

It’d be okay if we had actually accomplished the mission to get the extra dog sleds. Instead, we just Proposed that the mission be over ( ). So basically, we Proposed to each get 2 Dog Sleds instead of 1, which sounds unjust to newcomers.



06-15-2017 15:21:16 UTC

That mission’s completion difficulty was way higher than the participation level and should be an important lesson to people creating missions. for


06-15-2017 15:27:01 UTC

It wasn’t so difficult.

An Explorer could contribute 20 Supplies in their first day, by donating their default 10, then taking a debt of 10 from Base Camp.

We never implemented any penalty for debts, and the reward of a second Dog Sled seemed high enough a motivation.

The problem was, everyone thought “meh, I’ll just contribute 1 Supply, and let someone else do the hard job”.

When I posted the Mission, I hadn’t realized taking a debt was a daily action. If it wasn’t, then a single Explorer could have completed the Mission, and be the only one to get the reward.

Kevan: HE/HIM

06-15-2017 15:28:52 UTC



06-15-2017 16:13:35 UTC



06-15-2017 16:39:21 UTC

Hey! I showed up and did the bare minimum fair and square against


06-15-2017 20:56:23 UTC

Proposalling to win isn’t alright but a watered down version of it is alright? (proposalling to get profit in stuff with positive connotation which contributes to winning)


imperial Fairly confused about what’s going on.


06-16-2017 17:05:10 UTC



06-17-2017 12:21:31 UTC

for CoV for quorum