Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two potential new templates

Now I remember why this template was a bunch of work: EE’s library on their site is actually quite small.  We’d have to hack on either of these a bit to make them fit.

As an alternative, going through our current templates and cleaning up may be just easier.

Here’s two possibilities (remember, evaluate layout, not colour scheme): (ditch the inset box)
and (buys us a shorter sidebar at the cost of some width.  I’d likely make the sidebars fixed width and use up the rest for the middle column.)

The first one lets us put a bunch of our links that we use all the time on the horizontal bar.



10-18-2009 10:53:42 UTC

I quite like the first one, apart from the needlessly fixed width of it. We could use the floating “Reading” box for pending proposals.


10-18-2009 16:09:49 UTC

First one


10-18-2009 17:10:03 UTC

Neither… I like it as is!

Ienpw III:

10-18-2009 19:00:11 UTC



10-18-2009 23:16:52 UTC



10-18-2009 23:56:02 UTC

Another question regarding EE: Does it support adding tags to posts? If it did, we could incorporate that into creating proposals of specific types.

Also I think the Proposal categories need a cleanup (wth is the null category?)


10-19-2009 00:29:38 UTC

First; it looks like the old BN!


10-19-2009 00:29:56 UTC

Actually, current.