Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Story Post: Two simple pieces

I made one part that will push things to the left. I thought about making a complex part that would push things both left and right, but decided that would waste resources to have something do two things when it may only need to do one, so I just reversed the design and made one that pushed to the right.



05-30-2007 21:28:19 UTC

Numerous problems:
1) They’re both called Left Pusher Gadget
2) If I recall correctly, you only get to create one Part per 7-day period
3) So assume that LPG is pushing Part XXX one space to the left.  What if the space that is one space to the left of Part XXX is already occupied?


05-31-2007 15:01:47 UTC

I’ve deleted the second illigal part and updated the worker’s manual to specify what happens when there are multiple parts to the left of the machine.