Friday, May 19, 2017

Types of Players

I fucking love the insightful and thought-provoking stuff that we sometimes uncover here. The topic of “Player Types” has been brought up in Viv’s here, and now most recently it’s developing as a tangent here

I believe that “Player Types” is a super interesting topic that merits its own post/thread, because it plays into something fundamental of Nomic - giving this rule-based “group reverie” some kind of personal meaning and satisfaction for actually playing it. Accomplishment? Art or Beauty? Socializing? Getting them brain-gains bruh? You mirin? Perhaps we could achieve a wiki essay together and make progress in the overall understanding and emergent patterns in the game (playstyles/player motivations/etc in this case). What types are you guys? What do you play for? Let’s go!

Resources: (I’ll edit this with links as content comes up)
-Bartle’s Player Types (Summary here:, Article:
-MTG’s Player Types: (



05-19-2017 12:42:34 UTC

I think MTG’s Johnny/Spike/Timmy kind of only applies to the Killer/Achiever section of Bartle’s, but its still interesting to have.

I also believe that I’m heavily a Johnny lol. I LOVE SCAMS AAAHH. (“Uber Johnny” perhaps? With a good dash and sprinkle of “Innovator”?)

Talking about this feels a bit cheesy lol, BUT ITS OK, I LOVE IT LOL.


05-19-2017 14:16:50 UTC

I don’t find this kind of categorical navel gazing very interesting. It seems simplified beyond the extreme examples such as Cuddlebeam’s style of this dynasty.

With that in mind, I think there are probably attributes that a player possesses and will predictably possess for some time. For some of these attributes, identifying them affects their exhibition, e.g., calling someone a liar might affect the frequency of one lying. There’s probably a philosophical basis to this but much like Player Types, I don’t find it interesting, but rather find it more interesting in leaving such characterization unsaid.


05-19-2017 14:42:01 UTC

Matt, you’re such a Chandler. Or maybe a Phoebe.

It’s funny that in the thread during Viv’s dynasty we listed the player types in that MTG list almost one for one. My reasons for playing are basically “all of the above”. It’s hard to slot myself as a type, which I imagine is the case for others too.

Oracular rufio:

05-19-2017 16:37:32 UTC

What category is for immature assholes bent on ruining the game for everyone else?


05-19-2017 17:31:57 UTC

Way to be rude. I think my playstyle changes based on how much time I have available and the mood I’m in.