Tuesday, October 06, 2009


When making my last Investigation Results post, I didn’t see this paragraph:

If there are more Misinformation results than genuine results, the Leader must randomly select Misinformation results, and discard them. He must also do this if there are the same number of each type of result, unless there are only 1 of each (I.E. The results post must have less misinformation than fact, unless there is only one of each). If a Survivor was genuinely investigated, then the Leader must not post any Misinformation about that survivor for the week they were investigated.

Darknight is not a Cultist. He only seemed like one due to ais523’s Misinformation.



10-06-2009 15:04:32 UTC

I did prompt you twice as to whether you’d done this, once here on the blog and once by PM, and your response implied that all was well. This has rather ruined the dynasty, as otherwise I would have played rather differently… (Also, the fact that nobody at all tried to investigate for Cultists probably means that the Dynasty is in trouble.)


10-06-2009 15:05:47 UTC

(I see there’s now a correction to your second reply in my PM inbox; however, if that was there before, BlogNomic didn’t tell me about it.)


10-06-2009 15:37:28 UTC

Note: This post could be a lie.


10-06-2009 15:47:42 UTC

I was under the impression that one of arthexis and Rodlen was a cultist, anyway; I remember seeing both of them crop up as losing Stamina from cultist activity at the same time, which if I’m reading the rules correctly means that one of them is a cultist.


10-06-2009 15:52:19 UTC

No, it’s just that they were both attacked at the same time. ais attacked arth, and The Mysterious Third Cultistâ„¢ attacked Rod.


10-06-2009 15:56:39 UTC

Ah, I see.

Thanks for clarifying that, but shouldn’t yopu have allowed me to jump wildly to my own conclusion?


10-06-2009 15:59:47 UTC

No. We’re in enough chaos as it is.

It might be time for Albania to get involved again.


10-06-2009 16:04:33 UTC

for DDA High Command has done it again! When will their wacky hijinks come to an end?


10-06-2009 20:00:10 UTC

*glares at DC slightly* Gee… thanks man. =P