Saturday, March 14, 2009

Proposal: Uh, Sir - We have Too Much Red Dye Number Three

Self-killed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 14 Mar 2009 13:02:34 UTC

If the proposal titled “We need Acts. We need Scenes. We need Deaths.” failed, this proposal does nothing.

Add the following to the dynastic Rule, “Acts”

Once an act has been declared Finished the producer must select a scene that is the climax of the act and move the selected scene to be displayed last on the list of scenes in the Act and further indicate his choice with the Word *Climax*.

The Bodies statistic of a Scripter who created this Scene increases by the Body count Value of the scene

Rewarding a good scene with additional bodies



03-14-2009 10:23:31 UTC

Even though good scenes should be rewarded, I think letting the producer pick isn’t really the way to do it. Also I get the impression good scenes would built on previous ones so moving it to the end may not work well.  against


03-14-2009 10:29:09 UTC

against I’m not sure we need absolutely everyone writing climactic non-sequiturs.


03-14-2009 10:50:00 UTC

So, different selction mechanism?
Selected scripter gets to write a climactic finish to an act?



03-14-2009 11:00:25 UTC

Thinking out loud…

Once an act has been finalized a proposal shall be made by the enacting admin entitled Act X Chief Writer.

Scripters must vote for the name of the scripter who should be selected to write the final scene.

Much revision to follow…


03-14-2009 11:01:04 UTC

Oh and…

Self Kill


03-14-2009 11:12:31 UTC

I like your idea in the comment, though I don’t think a new post (let alone a Proposal!) is the best voting mechanism. The Act rules don’t prevent non-scene comments in the Drawing Board, so you could allow people to post a comment in the Drawing Board, that isn’t a scene creation, containing the name of their favourite Scene. Allow people to change their choice as proposal voting can be, and maybe allow people to continue declaring favourites 24 hours after the Scene is Finished. Then give the writer of the most favourite Scene a reward (and maybe the ability to finish off the Act with a special extra scene).


03-14-2009 11:59:03 UTC

I wasnt happy with the mechanism either - I will throw something together and make a new proposal.


03-14-2009 12:19:01 UTC

Having everyone voting for their favourite scenes seems a little noisy; I’d be happy for the Producer to just pick one. Maybe the best scene gets a special stunt-cast guest star as one of the bodies.


03-14-2009 14:10:00 UTC

I take your point - anyone else care to weigh in on the selection mechanism? I like the producer pick but I’m not really fussy.


03-14-2009 14:28:24 UTC

Well if everyone else likes the producer picking, I don’t mind. My main complaint was the scene going to the end.


03-14-2009 18:30:36 UTC

against Yeah, the producer-pick is acceptable.