Friday, March 27, 2020

Story Post: Umbrage: Naught

Dearest noblemen of the court,

The fair name of our fair KING has been reviled. Yes, our very own LOUIS XIV (Long Live his Majesty!) has been rebuked by his own subject.

The Accused: Naught

The Offence: Slighting the good name of the KING.
On Slack in the “currentdynasty” channel, Naught said “even Josh mixes things up, and he’s been around for years”.
Moments later, in a true fashion of a traitorous coward, he redacted the name from his vile statement.

This action has caused me personal pain and sorrow to even consider that our KING (hallowed be thy name) could be any less than a shining beacon of nobility. I take umbrage with thee sir Naught! Umbrage I say!


Shame be upon his house!



03-27-2020 06:32:02 UTC



03-28-2020 14:04:47 UTC

Noblemen of the court, this is clearly slander.

As any Noblemen who read the conversation saw, pencilgame was confounded by some things in the Ruleset, and came to us for clarification. I, out of the kindness of my heart, stepped forth and enlightened his understanding of the situation, and, yes, made that unfortunately misunderstood statement.

My purpose in making that statement was to show that even a man like our King is just that: a man. Yes, our King can make mistakes; he is not infallible. How comforting that should be! That even the shining example that is our King is not infallible should have us rejoice! For if he was infallible, then how could we, merely men, stand before his august presence, and not shy before his piercing gaze? If even the King makes mistakes, then that gives us hope, hope that we humble Noblemen can become even a fraction of the upright man that our noble King is.

Long live the King.

pencilgame: HE/HIM

03-28-2020 16:45:56 UTC

Noblemen of the court,

If the accused truly doeth love THE KING OUR LORD, I ask you, why then did he hide in the shadowy valley of redacted statements?

The accused yet again sullies the name of OUR HOLINESS THE SUN KING, insulting his infinite intelligence by attempting this defense. A scam of justice, I say. Barely legal.

I do shy before His piercing gaze, good sire. As noblemen, do we not subscribe to ‘the divine right of kings’?

Let then OUR KING stretch out his holy right hand and smite this rebellious scoundrel to dust.

- pencilgame

(Shame be upon his house!)

Josh: HE/HIM

04-01-2020 14:28:08 UTC

I find this suit to be frivolous and both participants in it to have demeaned themselves by bringing such petty court gossip to the attention of the Sun King.

(I have adjudged that both sides are at fault; the Accused and the Accuser both lose one power. This Royal Complaint is no longer awaiting judgement.)

pencilgame: HE/HIM

04-01-2020 15:13:45 UTC

Good Naught, my deepest apologies. I can finally see your wisdom!