Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Proposal: Un-OP-ing the Goalie

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 02 Oct 2014 06:51:25 UTC

In Rule 2.2.1 “Kicking the Ball” replace all instances of “DICE3” with “DICE12.” In the same rule, change all instances of the number “2” to the number “11” and all instances of the number “3” to the number “12.”

In Rule 2.10 “The Method of Scoring:

Replace all instances of “DICE10” with “DICE15.” Replace all instances of “DICE40” with “DICE32.”

After “Afterwards, the Ball is removed from the Shooting Player” add the phrase

and the Shooting post is considered closed.

The game isn’t interesting if scoring happens once in a blue moon. Using the calculator so nicely provided by Eritivus, I found numbers that hopefully will be more balanced. The final change isn’t really related, but I wanted to put it in to make the rules as clear as possible.



01-10-2014 03:57:00 UTC

Would replacing the number “2” with the number “11” change the 2 in DICE12 as well?
Anyway, for


01-10-2014 04:30:54 UTC

What happens if the result of the DICE12 is between 2 and 10 inclusive?


01-10-2014 04:43:56 UTC

Eritivus: Under the current system, nothing. If it looks like this will pass, I’ll make a proposal to a roll of [2,10] the same as a roll of 1.

Sprucial: I said “number” and the 2 in 12 is a digit. (I’m going to assume that’s how this works because the other way is just silly.)


01-10-2014 05:20:55 UTC

Nothing, except that the Kicking player gets a Kick (even if Tiki-Taka passes)? If so, without Tiki-Taka, under this version, Kicking players get 12 Kicks per GNDT session, on average. With Tiki-Taka, 6 Kicks.

Are throw-ins common? Intuitively, I’d expect a 10/12 success rate to make building up assists pretty easy.


01-10-2014 05:29:08 UTC

Hmm, I calculated incorrectly. I think without Tiki-Taka, it’s 6 Kicks. With, it’s 5.5.


01-10-2014 05:30:00 UTC

against good points. I was giving the assisters a 75% success rate to get three assists but that might be a little too high—10 would probably be a better number. The “free kicks” problem hadn’t even occurred to me. : )


01-10-2014 20:13:29 UTC

DICE111 arrow


02-10-2014 13:48:59 UTC

arrow  arrow  arrow  arrow  arrow
What does this thing even mean?