Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unbridled Evil Lesson: Basic Puppy Eating with Lord Malvolo



Right, class, well. Now that I have gained control of this eager puppet, I suggest that we get started. You will each find in front of you a small adorable puppy. First, I suggest that you give it a name and ascribe to it some anthropomorphic characteristics; that will make it all the more delicious when you consume it utterly. For reference, mine is called “Headmaster”. Oh… oh dear, Thane Q, please do try to eat with your mouth closed. We may be evil, but there’s no need to be uncouth.



11-16-2010 13:24:25 UTC

I named my puppy Tasty. It was.


11-17-2010 01:01:30 UTC

Studying puppies. Stuppies.


11-17-2010 22:18:59 UTC

Bra!nz! Harmbargars!



11-18-2010 11:56:35 UTC

This lesson has timed out and is thus complete.