Sunday, January 13, 2008

Proposal: Uncle Sam’s Wages (a.k.a. Down but not Out)

timed out, final vote 6-1—Yoda

Adminned at 14 Jan 2008 19:43:10 UTC

Add a dynastic rule called “Poverty” with the following text:

An Unseated Player who has less than $50 is called a Poor Player.  Poor Players may not become Seated.

There is an entity called “Uncle Sam” who has his own row in the GNDT.

Whenever a Seated Player wins a positive amount from the Pot or any Side Pots, 5% (rounded up) of their total winnings is transferred to Uncle Sam instead of the Seated Player.  This is called being “taxed”.

Any Player may at any time transfer a positive amount of money (not to exceed their current amount) to Uncle Sam.  This is called “giving generously”.

If Uncle Sam has at least $40, any Poor, Wounded Player who has not done so in the past 24 hours may use $40 of Uncle Sam’s money to go to the doctor (see rule “Doctor”) instead of using his own money.

As a daily action, any Poor Player may transfer a positive amount of money (not to exceed Uncle Sam’s current amount or $10 or the amount of money that would put the Player at exactly $50, whichever is the smallest) from Uncle Sam to himself.



13-01-2008 05:35:30 UTC

Busy GNDT this round.

Might be more fun if we could tip the piano player, then rob him if out of money {:0p

Darknight: he/him

13-01-2008 05:59:51 UTC

for sounds fair


13-01-2008 13:17:43 UTC

for again, you shouldn’t be able to transfer uncle sam’s money (one way or the other) while seated, except for his share of the pot.


13-01-2008 13:42:55 UTC

You can only transfer money if you are poor.  If you are poor, you are unseated.


13-01-2008 18:04:05 UTC



13-01-2008 19:12:39 UTC

I don’t read “Poor Players may not become Seated.” as meaning that a player whose Money dips below $50 immediately becomes Unseated; merely that if you have less than $50 and if for whatever other reason you become Unseated, you may not become re-Seated.


13-01-2008 19:40:13 UTC



13-01-2008 22:05:56 UTC



14-01-2008 00:08:40 UTC



14-01-2008 06:08:58 UTC

By this rule, if you go all in, you go unseated.  against Of course, that might be better than going all in and getting shot…


14-01-2008 06:11:25 UTC

Well… BECOME, not, cannot be, so, I suppose if you are already seated, there is no need to become seated, so maybe it isn’t a problem in the way I thought. I’m still not a big fan of the rule though.