Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Amend “Turn-based actions” by replacing each occurrence of 3 with 5 in the following text:

Each Gladiator has a non-negative integer number of Action Points, tracked in the “AP” column of the GNDT. New Gladiators start with 3 AP. Any Gladiator who has not yet done so during the current Turn may set their AP to 3; this action is known as Refreshing.

Main Actions are actions that have a Cost in AP (which must be spent in order to perform the Main Action), which is 1 unless otherwise stated. No Gladiator can take Main Actions with a total cost greater than 3 AP in any 24-hour period. Whenever a Gladiator attempts to take a Main Action, if they are able to Refresh first, they automatically do so.

Cause an Irregular Turn Boundary.

for fasterness



19-07-2011 06:25:13 UTC

This is not a proposal.

Kevan: HE/HIM

19-07-2011 08:15:41 UTC

Since this isn’t an official post, you can just delete it, if you like.