Saturday, March 11, 2006

Underdog Free Trade Association (UFTA)

That’s right, I’m reforming it (though I was never a member myself). I say we don’t need no ‘production group’!. I say we form a loose association, created only to allow movement for the individualists among us. We’ll each try our best to keep each other in the distimmery (or another floor if someone wishes) and have no further duty to one another. It’s finders keepers as far as dosh is concerned. Oh, and we can trade stuff freely, since the name would otherwise make no sense.

Fight communism (or capitalism if you so prefer), join the UFTA! (DPG members not allowed)


Elias IX:

03-11-2006 15:12:14 UTC

I’d like it no other way, so I’m quitting my group as soon as allowed.