Monday, July 22, 2019

Story Post: Unofficial Ordered List of Judgments Pending

2 duels are ready for judgment.

Derrick as judge:
*TyGuy6 vs naught, TIMED OUT, started 07-26-2019 00:07:40 UTC
*TyGuy6 vs Ienpw III, TIMED OUT, started 07-26-2019 00:11:03 UTC

Not started:

This unofficial post will be modified frequently by author as duels progress.



22-07-2019 21:36:15 UTC

Not tracking every other wizards’ judgings, such as Cuddlebeam’s:

Kevan: City he/him

23-07-2019 07:54:24 UTC

I’m not sure we need a sticky post as an aide memoire to a single player, but to make some room on the front page I’ve unstickied the two impossible-to-accept Duels (,