Monday, January 09, 2023

Call for Judgment: Unreliable Narrator

Fewer than a quorum not voting AGAINST. Failed 2 votes to 7 by Kevan.

Adminned at 09 Jan 2023 15:45:45 UTC

Treat all edits to the gamestate after 16:44 January 7, 2023‎ UTC and before 04:20 January 9, 2023‎  as if those edits occurred while the turn state was Explorers Phase 15 and were thus valid edits according to the ruleset.

While fixing some post-Mansion phase gamestates, I accidentally changed the gamestate from Explorers Phase 15 to Mansion Phase 14. Several people made gamestate edits after that to change their Planned Actions and other changeable states, which technically could be seen as illegal since the turn state was set to a Mansion Phase.

On the other hand, since it had been less than 36 hours since the last Mansion Phase, my accidental setting of the turn state to a Manion Phase was itself illegal and can probably be ignored on that basis.

If we agree to treat it as a simple mistake on my part, we can leave the edits as-is. The alternative is to revert all of the edits after 16:44 January 7, 2023‎ UTC and force everyone to re-do them.


Trapdoorspyder: he/him

09-01-2023 04:39:36 UTC

I believe that “sets the turn state to Mansion phase 15” should probably be past tense unless you don’t plan on doing it at all until this cfj goes through.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

09-01-2023 04:47:19 UTC

Also, should this disregard changes after a certain point if you do, to reflect when you would have closed the phase normally?

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

09-01-2023 06:00:09 UTC

Good points. I edited the CfJ so that it covers the time period between when the gamestate was accidentally set back to “Mansion Phase 14” and when I corrected it just a little while ago to “Explorers Phase 15”.

Since Ploys are essentially revealed in the Story Posts, it would be unfair to the folks using Ploys if enough people voted against the CfJ and forced a re-wind of the game phases, so I’d rather see this CfJ resolved first.

I apologize for the delay in turns this is going to cause.


09-01-2023 07:26:20 UTC


SingularByte: he/him

09-01-2023 07:44:18 UTC



09-01-2023 07:55:36 UTC


Josh: he/they

09-01-2023 08:13:29 UTC

I don’t think that this is necessary; changing gamestate tracking to say Mansion Phase 14 doesn’t make it so, any more than changing it to Explorer Phase 712 or I Am A Chicken would make any of those statements true. Tracking is just a reflection of gamestate and when it’s wrong it can just be corrected.

Mild against as this isn’t necessary and I can’t be 100% sure that it isn’t retroactively validating any otherwise illegal actions.

SingularByte: he/him

09-01-2023 08:26:28 UTC

Actually, CoV against , that’s a good point. The bit that says “and were thus valid edits according to the ruleset.” is extremely broad and should say make them only valid if they otherwise would have been valid anyway.

SingularByte: he/him

09-01-2023 08:30:48 UTC

But yeah, I do agree that we don’t actually need this. The act of setting the mansion phase couldn’t have occurred (and clearly wasn’t intended to occur due to the turn number going backwards) and so didn’t occur.

Kevan: he/him

09-01-2023 09:30:55 UTC

against Per others and Jonathan’s “on the other hand”.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

09-01-2023 13:19:16 UTC

In that case should Jonathandark just go ahead and process the turn?

SingularByte: he/him

09-01-2023 13:37:12 UTC

That’d be my vote, yeah.

Josh: he/they

09-01-2023 13:38:31 UTC

I think so yes.

Trapdoorspyder: he/him

09-01-2023 13:43:57 UTC

against okay then.

Chiiika: she/her

09-01-2023 13:55:38 UTC

against assume we agree that gamestate is T15, then changing it to anything that is not by a method that allows for a tick does not change the agreed-to value

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

09-01-2023 13:56:07 UTC

against  Withdrawn

I’ll process the next turn in an hour or so.

Josh: he/they

09-01-2023 14:06:39 UTC

You can’t withdraw a CfJ :)

Chiiika: she/her

09-01-2023 14:15:15 UTC

^ CfJs cannot be wd unlike proposals :(

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

09-01-2023 14:50:10 UTC

Ah, good to know.

Darknight: he/him

09-01-2023 15:33:55 UTC