Saturday, September 24, 2005

Proposal: Untie what should not be tied

Self-Kill.  Failed by Excalabur

Adminned at 25 Sep 2005 00:59:59 UTC

Under Races, delete:

All non-Neorobotnik countries initially contain average guys.


The populations of Neorobotnik countries automatically consist of Robots.

To the same rule, add:

A newly created Country’s race is Average Guys.



09-24-2005 19:50:45 UTC

Does this mean there will never be a new Neorobotnikism government?


09-24-2005 19:56:24 UTC

If the idea is untying government from races, don’t we need a system for creating robots? How would you convert from a bunch of average guys to a system of a mad scientist and his robot hordes?


09-24-2005 20:01:54 UTC

My next Proposal is adding costs for changing races.


09-24-2005 20:07:58 UTC

imperial I’m all for choice, but I kind of dislike that a neorobotnik country in which ‘A single mad scientist is in charge of hordes of robots’ could contain genetically enhanced dinosaurs with shotguns instead of hordes of robots.


09-24-2005 20:22:11 UTC

I would favor combining the untieing proposal with the switching proposal.


09-24-2005 20:26:23 UTC

against Yeah, those changes should happen at the same time. A hypothetical new nation starting in between will be stuck with average guys and a broken system.


09-24-2005 22:38:05 UTC

against Ok. S-K. Reproposing soon.


09-24-2005 23:36:49 UTC

What if each government should have a list of availible races? Neorobotnik Countries could only have Robots, and Feudalism can’t have Robots because they are too primitive.  This would make Races sort of tied to governments, but in a logical way.