Saturday, February 10, 2018

Call for Judgment: Unviolence

Timed out 3 votes to 2. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Feb 2018 22:35:33 UTC

-Set Cuddlebeam’s stance to card to “Neutral”, their wielded item to “Crowbar” (and no longer wielding anything else) and their Alertness to 6 and HP to 6.
-Set PineTreeQ’s stance to card to “Neutral”, their wielded item to “Nailed Board” and their Alertness to 8 and HP to 8.
-Set card’s HP to 8.

If PineTreeQ hasn’t voted on this CFJ, it has no effect.

May or may not have happened, this is a quick fix to it all (me and Pine just use a Craction to wield our weapons and nothing more).

I don’t have time to PM and arrange stuff with Pine to see what they would want but this is a good bet.



02-10-2018 22:35:58 UTC

I’ll let the others choose which CfJ they prefer, and if it’s this one I’ll vote for it.


02-10-2018 22:47:43 UTC

This is too quick a fix.

If a player believes that a rule let them do something surprising, and a quorum don’t think that it did, we should humour them and amend the rule to remove that perceived ability. Otherwise (social pressure aside) they could just perform the same action again in the future, with the same arguments.


02-10-2018 23:21:34 UTC


I was not aware of the craction wielding rule, I think this is the most clear way to fix what happened, and if there’s still uncertainty in the wording we can use proposals to fix that.


02-11-2018 04:50:34 UTC



02-11-2018 08:29:03 UTC

against On the grounds that taken literally, there is no such gamestate value as “HP” and this just gives +1 Alertness to two of the players involved.


02-11-2018 08:48:46 UTC

This also makes no attempt to clean up the situation we’re now in where the Crate is still active and Diabecko has to choose between taking an item, or politely waiting for CfJs to resolve at the risk of being timed out and missing out on this crate entirely.


02-11-2018 20:40:19 UTC