Monday, September 24, 2007

Proposal: Use your Powers for Awesome.

s/k, failed by aaronwinborn

Adminned at 30 Sep 2007 09:20:09 UTC

In the Kaiju Attributes rule, change the line:

The purpose of these powers is when a Kaiju God takes over direct control of a Monster, the Monster gains these powers.


As a daily action, a Kaiju God may activate one of its powers.

Add the following to the Powers section of the rule Kaiju Attributes:

Teleport Monster – Move a monster to any Neighborhood it is not already in, even if it does not have a location unless it has never had a location (has not yet entered play before.)

Empower Monster – Choose one section of the monster. Double the threat rating for that section.

Weaken Monster – Choose one section of a monster. Halve the threat rating for that section.

Scramble Monster Powers – Choose one section of a monster. Change its attribute for that section according to the same rules you would use to set its initial attribute.

If the proposal This Town Ain’t Big Enough does not pass, the following does nothing.


[Monster] Attacks [Monster]: If the two named Monsters are in the same Neighborhood, the one with the lowest Threat Rating is removed from the Neighborhood (and has no location).


[Monster] Attacks [Monster]: If the two named Monsters are in the same Neighborhood, choose one of the three sections of each monster at random using 1DICE3 in the GNDT. The monster whose chosen section has the lowest threat rating now is removed from the Neighborhood (and has no location).



Darknight: he/him

24-09-2007 23:53:13 UTC

imperial i missed ou on a day of voting so i’m abit in the dark about the powers


25-09-2007 04:16:29 UTC

A day? It’s been pretty quiet for a couple weeks now.

Darknight: he/him

25-09-2007 04:18:25 UTC

that last run of ideas of kev’s. i was away during that voting period lol.


25-09-2007 14:06:22 UTC

against How would I go about doubling or halving the TR of a _section_ of a monster?


25-09-2007 15:27:45 UTC

Each section has a TR derived from its attributes(Flaming Red Eyeball, etc). That threat rating is from the results of the Google search.

Is there any reason that cannot be changed?


25-09-2007 15:30:07 UTC

“Each attribute has a value, known as its threat rating. An attribute’s initial threat rating is derived by putting each word of the attribute individually into Google and adding the number of results for each. A Monster’s initial overall threat rating is the sum of the threat rating for each of its attributes. “

Ah, perhaps maybe something more like “Choose one section of the monster. Double the threat rating for the attribute for that section.” ?


25-09-2007 23:33:18 UTC

Is this doubling permanent or temporary?  Does it affect the listing of the section attribute threat rating on the wiki, as well as the original total threat rating that was made from that number added to two others, as well as the current threat rating that may have been modified since, or does it only add the original value of a section attribute to the total current?  If it’s that last one, then if somebody else halves the same section attribute do you subtract half the original amount from the current or the total original amount (since that section has been halved back to what it was before)?  Needs clearer wording.


26-09-2007 00:51:17 UTC

Unless stated, the change is permanent.

Better wording might be “Add X to the threat rating where X is an attributes threat level times 2”, but I was trying to make battles a little more random by having a section be chosen to get the threat rating. So, changing a section was what I was going for. Might be a better way to word it like “Add a word to an attribute and add the new value to the threat rating.”


26-09-2007 00:52:44 UTC

or conversely, subtract a word, but limit it to no less than 1 word.

The first line in my last comment was meant to be posed as a question.


26-09-2007 03:21:51 UTC

for empower/weaken will need some work—i think that changing one of the three attributes would have no effect on the overall threat rating, as i understand it. and the scramble would also have no effect on overall threat. though they would have an effect on the new attacks headline. but the rest is great

Kevan: he/him

26-09-2007 09:44:29 UTC

against Because empowering, weakening and scrambling need work, and because the new combat system is just an incentive to give your monsters as low an active Threat Rating as possible, if we’re now rolling according to initial section ratings.


26-09-2007 14:56:11 UTC

I’ll clean this up when I can actually submit another proposal.


26-09-2007 18:35:05 UTC


To rework it. It doesn’t really say what I intended.