Saturday, January 14, 2006

Proposal: Variations on a Theme

Passes 6-0, reaches quorum. Enacted by Angry Grasshopper. Making DICE2 check…

10/01 13:04 (BST) - Igthorn
Igthorn’s Role = Swashbuckler
14/01 17:12 (BST) - Angry Grasshopper
Comment: (Who wins?)
Comment: (DICE2:1)

Elias IX wins! Hiatus begins when Elias IX posts a Declaration of Victory. It would be a good time to start thinking about a theme.. ;)

Adminned at 14 Jan 2006 17:15:03 UTC

If this Proposal passes, the enacting Admin will make a DICE2 check in the GNDT. If the result of the DICE2 check is 1, then Protagonist Elias IX shall win this Dynasty. If the result of the DICE2 check is 2, then Protagonist Smith shall win this Dynasty. If a plurality of counted votes for this proposal contain the name of one and only one Active Protagonist other than Smith or Elias IX, then a DICE3 check shall be made instead of a DICE2 check. If the check yields a 1 or 2, the results are as previously stated. If the DICE3 check yields a 3, the Protagonist named in a plurality of votes shall win this Dynasty.


The Lone Amigo:

01-14-2006 08:57:28 UTC



01-14-2006 15:35:05 UTC



01-14-2006 16:04:17 UTC



01-14-2006 16:53:43 UTC



01-14-2006 21:24:45 UTC

for (incedentally, how can a vote contain the name of a Protagonist?)

Angry Grasshopper:

01-14-2006 21:30:02 UTC

I dunno, by declaring it in the comment containing either for or against. Perhaps you are correct, the phrasing isn’t the most clear, but I think that it will serve for the moment.

Angry Grasshopper:

01-14-2006 23:04:36 UTC

Heh. Incidentally, before somebody is convinced otherwise, I’m not voting against my own proposal; those icons were for demonstrative purposes only.

>Any Protagonist may cast eir Vote on a Pending Proposal by declaring it in the comments of the entry.

Emphasis mine. =D