Friday, July 25, 2008

Proposal: Various Money Making Tools


Adminned at 27 Jul 2008 09:13:43 UTC

Add the following text to the end of rule 2.6 “Money”:

An Adventurer may, at any time, subtract a positive amount of gold pieces from his own collection and add that amount to the collection of any other Adventurer or NPC.

Add the following text to the end of sub-rule 2.10.6 “Inventory”:

An Adventurer may, at any time, remove an Item from his Inventory and add that Item to anotherr Adventurer’s or NPC’s Inventory.

Add the following text to the end of rule 2.14 “Store”:

Any Adventurer who is not part of a Party that has begun its task may sell an Item whose Cost is not “N/A” back to the store by removing the Item from his Inventory and gaining an amount of gold pieces equal to 3/4 of the Cost, rounded down.



07-25-2008 16:15:45 UTC

for since my char can’t keep money for the life of himself


07-25-2008 16:17:46 UTC



07-25-2008 16:22:12 UTC

Just a quick question to see if I need to s/k and repropose: Can you remove an Item from your Inventory that is not in your Inventory?


07-25-2008 16:22:35 UTC

I would say no, but I want to see what other people think first.


07-25-2008 16:26:25 UTC

the wording works for me yoda. can always reword later.


07-25-2008 16:29:42 UTC

Right, but someone could potentially interpret this to mean they can sell an infinite amount of items they don’t have to gain an infinite amount of gold pieces.  I just want to make sure that won’t happen.


07-25-2008 16:30:00 UTC

against Opens too much room for abuse. Say I know I am going to get beaten up. Before I get beaten up, I send Amnistar all my gold. He takes a five GP service feed and sends it back after I do my beaten up rolls. I now don’t lose any gold for being beaten up (as gold can’t go negative).


07-25-2008 16:34:20 UTC

I don’t think you can remove an item from your inventory that isn’t there in the first place. Remove is a fairly specfic term, implying it was there in the first place.

I would, however, argue that one could remove an item from their inventory as part of a sale, and then add that item to another guys Inventory as part of a transfer and fulfill both rules. Wait enough rounds of item pong and two guys can get very rich very fast.


07-25-2008 17:17:43 UTC

As for the first argument, if players really want to trust each other like that, I’m all for it.  That’s capitalism.  But you must realize that I can’t and won’t try to help you if you end up with no money because the other person conveniently “forgot” to give you your money or your items back.

As for the second, that could potentially be a problem.  So, s/k against  and free gold to anyone who wants to repropose this one.


07-25-2008 18:01:44 UTC

Also, a 5 gp service fee??? Are you kidding??  The roll could be as low as 2!


07-25-2008 18:28:38 UTC

really depends on what the average would be. if you have 7 against votes, sure you could just loose 2 but you could also lose 14. or 28 during the night.