Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Proposal: Vegeables, huh

Fails 1-7. -Purplebeard

This was in fact posted before the other proposal, but EE is changing the timestamp whenever I admin this.

Adminned at 05 Oct 2006 07:42:24 UTC

Undo the effects of all proposals (except this one) made so far this Dynasty and allow the Top Banana to choose a new theme, granting em the ability to rename terms in the ruleset as e could at the beginning of the Dynasty.

I’m just finding this Dynasty stifling of ideas, and I don’t think I’m the only Vegetable who is feeling that way, judging by the extremely small number of proposals that have arisen.  I think it’s partly the fault of the theme, and partly the fault of the current ruleset (a glop of unrelated mechanics) we have.  I think it’s early enough in the Dynasty that a total reset wouldn’t kill it, and would, hopefully, spark the sort of proposal flurry that is often seen at the beginnings of Dynasties, where people are excited about the theme and ways to explore it.



03-10-2006 20:46:05 UTC

for I simply can’t think of anything to propose.

Clucky: he/him

03-10-2006 20:49:17 UTC

imperial I personally like the theme.

Elias IX:

03-10-2006 20:56:34 UTC

Huh, the idea I had was that Vegetables can do everything that Vegetables can do, and anything that Vegetables normally can’t.

I won’t vote on this proposal, though.

Clucky: he/him

03-10-2006 21:06:47 UTC

Because Top Banana isn’t voting, i’ll switch to against


03-10-2006 22:18:34 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-10-2006 23:15:21 UTC

I was having fun with the theme, I just got really busy. I swear I’ll be good and make some proposals. ;P



04-10-2006 16:22:48 UTC



04-10-2006 18:53:23 UTC



05-10-2006 00:31:26 UTC



05-10-2006 08:09:51 UTC

against COV