Monday, December 15, 2014

Very, very sorry for extended downtime

So on Friday, Dreamhost had to perform an emergency server move. Everything broke immediately, and I put in an OMG EXTREME CRITICAL EMERGENCY-level ticket with them. They said it was a DNS issue, and some things (including the BlogNomic Wiki) started working thereafter. But the main blog never came back, so finally today I opened a second OMG level ticket, and this time I got an immediate fix to the actual problem, profuse apologies, and credit for two months’ hosting.

I’m really, really sorry about this, guys. If I hadn’t been sick all weekend I might have stayed on top of it better and gotten the site back up a day or so sooner. I’ll do my level best to never let this happen again.



15-12-2014 05:07:55 UTC

“Everyone idles out after days of inactivity”: I can absolutely see this happening lol.


15-12-2014 06:52:35 UTC

Since the proposals haven’t been “open for voting” while the blog was down, they haven’t timed out yet.  Admins, please don’t illegally process them.  Everyone else should vote.

Kevan: he/him

15-12-2014 10:05:26 UTC

Thanks for knowing where to hit things with the wrench, 75th.

Kevan: he/him

17-12-2014 14:03:01 UTC

From blog comments, the gap spans 11-12-14 16:01 to 15-12-14 01:18, so that’s at most three days and eight hours that the blog was offline. Looks like we can clear the queue now.