Monday, January 01, 2007

Proposal: Victory by Heroism

Selfkilled. Adminned by Rodney.

Adminned at 03 Jan 2007 06:27:45 UTC

Add a new Rule to the Ruleset.  Call it “Superstar” and give it the following text:

For the purposes of this Rule and its subrules, an Olympian’s score is defined as three times eir Gold Medals, plus twice eir Silver Medals, plus twice eir Popularity, plus eir Bronze Metals.  A Team’s Score is the sum of the scores of its Olympians, if any, plus the Score an Olympian with its GNDT stats would have.  All Teams have a Popularity of 7 for the purposes of Score.

If an Olympian has a greater Score than all Teams of which e is not a member, e is considered a Hero and has achieved victory.



01-01-2007 20:46:19 UTC

against  but I will vote in favor of a revised proposal that: (i) corrects the typo in “Bronze Metals” and (ii) treats a negative popularity as equal to zero.


01-01-2007 23:18:36 UTC

I disagree with point ii.  It should be harder for an unpopular Olympian to be a Hero than an unknown one.


01-02-2007 01:55:21 UTC


I like the idea, but it needs some fixes:

1) I agree that popularity must play a roll. But I would rather force you to have a certain popularity (say 5 or so) and just score based on medals.

2) By this rule, two Olympians could achieve victory at the same time. To be a Hero, you must also outscore everyone on your team.

Id vote for this even if you just fixed 2, but would rather see one fixed as well.


01-02-2007 05:34:52 UTC

In response to #1:
I do not want to make it impossible for less-popular Olympians to win in this manner, only difficult. 

Also, for #2, I think instead of outscoring the others, multiple Heros should be decided first by popularity and then by total score, and then by first to notice they’ve won.


01-02-2007 05:35:24 UTC

Finally, S-K against


01-02-2007 22:07:35 UTC

Bucky—are you proposing to have popularity as tiebreaker only then?


01-02-2007 22:57:20 UTC