Friday, July 14, 2017

Victory condition idea: One Pactmaker ruler

Under “Dynastic Rules”, add a section “Victory”.
In “Victory” add:

You may achieve victory by controlling enough votes in Ibiza to independently vote yourself dictator


This should be a starting point for some fun parliamentary fun.



07-14-2017 22:44:04 UTC


07-14-2017 23:02:57 UTC

Oh wait this isn’t a proposal lol.

Someone with quorum votes in their control can just propose (or even better, CFJ, so I can’t veto it) to win the game anyway, regardless of that rule.

Or end Blognomic (at least, the current “formal” space) forever. Or leave it with some irremovable scar in the Ruleset as a trophy.


07-14-2017 23:12:31 UTC

(they’d need admin help to do the more drastic ones though, but I believe that proposing “I win” and getting a bunch of greenticks would be acceptable as a play and very doable.)


07-15-2017 04:39:34 UTC

Oh this is a protosal . . .
Well I’ll just say that with victory conditions, one’s introduced too soon will be voted down, regardless of how valid they are with the gameplay so far.