Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Proposal: Victory Conditions

Illegal proposal (edited after comments)—arth

Adminned at 30 Jun 2009 17:42:59 UTC

Make a new Rule entitled “Fun in the Sun”:

A Tourist who has a tan value of 20, a tourism value of 20, and a stress level of 5 or below, is said to have had a “good” vacation. Any tourist meeting these criteria may make a Declaration of Victory.



06-30-2009 22:52:01 UTC

This proposal doesn’t seem to do anything.  Perhaps you meant to (a) use a blockquote rather than the comment box and (b) create a rule?


06-30-2009 22:52:29 UTC

The “Flavor” section makes text that is not recognized by the rules.


07-01-2009 00:08:37 UTC

I have fixed it, thank you


07-01-2009 00:23:58 UTC

unfortunately you can’t ‘fix’ it once someone has commented on it.

Also, just as a comment, the common reference with victory conditions is “has acheived victory”.


07-01-2009 00:36:21 UTC

Furthermore, even if this where a valid proposal I would vote against given that since 20 is the maximum tan value, it probably means you have been sunburned. That’s hardly a good thing.


07-01-2009 00:42:35 UTC


invalid proposal