Monday, February 23, 2015

Proposal: Victory Conditions and other things

Self-killed. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 24 Feb 2015 02:36:56 UTC

Create a new rule with the name “Victoy Conditions” containing the following

-Add a new stat in the GNDT called Farms and Food
-Give everyone 2 Farms and 10 Food
How to win
-Have 25 Farms
-Have 200 Food
-Make a DoV stating these facts

Create a new rule with the name “Farm and Food management” which contains,

Building a new farm requires 20 food.
At the end of Fall or Spring, you receive DICE4 plus number of farms in food
At the end of Winter or Summer, you lose DICE6 Food

Add a new rule called “Starvation” which contains,

If at the end of Winter or Summer you have no food, you lose one farm


If we are on a border town that gets raided every so often, this shouldn’t be to hard… Right?


Darknight: he/him

23-02-2015 23:09:23 UTC

imperial  I’d say make two stats with farm and food separate instead of together in one stat

RaichuKFM: she/her

23-02-2015 23:26:43 UTC

against Early victory conditions tend to go poorly, in my experience, and this is one that is almost wholly random, and eventually rich-get-richer, which aren’t the best mechanics.

Further, there’s some holes in the wording (though that’s understandable for a first Proposal); instead of the Rule stating that it should give everyone 20 Food and 2 Farms, it should set Food to default to 20 and Farms to 2. Darknight is right; since these are independent stats, they should ideally be tracked in separate columns.

I don’t know if “win” is acceptable parlance for “achieve victory”, also; I can remember things pointing to it being acceptable on one occasion and not on another.

Finally, if I wasn’t certain that this was going to be Failed, I’d save this for myself, but: it says that building a new Farm requires 20 Food, not that it expends any Food in doing so. I think that would allow one to make an arbitrarily large amount of Farms as soon as they had 20 Food. (I’d then propose a Razing mechanic to convert Farms back to Food at a loss, hope to be the first to break 20 of everyone who figured that out, and win.)

Better worded would be “Create a new Rule, Resources, containing the following text: ‘Each Villager has an amount of Food, and an amount of Farms, which are a nonnegative integer tracked in the GNDT. Food defaults to 20, and Farms to 2. A Villager may expend 20 Food to add one Farm. [And may expend one Farm to gain 10/15 Food.]” and hold off on making a victory condition of gain/loss mechanic just yet.

RaichuKFM: she/her

23-02-2015 23:28:09 UTC

(I said 20 there a few times when I meant 10, whoops.)

Darknight: he/him

23-02-2015 23:37:14 UTC

against cov

Maldor: he/him

23-02-2015 23:39:31 UTC

Another thing that wasn’t read for prime time, although I may not submit this again…

RaichuKFM: she/her

23-02-2015 23:46:28 UTC

Ah well, that quick save can get the best of everyone. Food (and possibly Farms) have some potential, but near the start of a Dynasty, proposing rather open, ambiguous mechanics can work better than specific things, I think.


24-02-2015 00:31:24 UTC

against too early, also seems to go against the theme of the round. It seems more mystical.


24-02-2015 01:27:59 UTC