Saturday, April 18, 2009

Voting: Act 5

The scenes from Act 5 can be found here.

If someone could wikify them then I’ll make the necessary edit.



18-04-2009 21:18:06 UTC

Best Scene: Aerial Combo: 24 hits!
Best Supporting Actor: someone like Philip Terry (Peel)
Best Music Arrangement: U Can’t Touch This (Engage!)

hasn’t been closed yet.


18-04-2009 22:01:54 UTC

Hello, all.

Announcing Subliminal Advertising in my scene of that act.

It was an ad for Scanners, via EXPLODING HEAD.  Heheheh…


18-04-2009 22:29:32 UTC

And I am annoucing too. My post links to my profile. Look at it closely ;). I’ll update my profile to get rid of it when it has been proven to be there.

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2009 23:05:04 UTC

Am I missing some cleverly hidden message, or are you just saying that the words “exploding head” by themselves somehow “encourage the purchase of an actual, real-world product”, because a film had exploding heads in it?


18-04-2009 23:34:28 UTC

The latter.

Hey, nothing said it all had to make sense.  Just that the thing had to be observable and advertise a real-world product in some way.

Plus, exploding heads do, in a way, encourage watching Scanners.


18-04-2009 23:53:17 UTC

watching Scanners and buying it are very different things ;D
surely you would only get that there are exploding heads in Scanners if you had already watched it or an advert for it? and therefore this doesn’t actually on its own advertise?


18-04-2009 23:59:49 UTC

I don’t think Wakukee’s counts because his name isn’t in the “content” of the Scene. It is before any of the content, including the date.

I don’t think Rodlen’s counts because it doesn’t encourage me to purchase any real world product.


19-04-2009 00:34:00 UTC

I am decrementing the Royalties of Rodlen and Wakukee. If there is still any dispute, they can CfJ it.


19-04-2009 01:57:21 UTC

Attention. I am declaring my SUBLIMINAL ADVERTISING within my music choice. Directly in the song, it states the artist(s) and name of song. It even spells it! the first words in the goddamn song are E-P-I-K High, so there’s no confusion when viewers go home and google it, and accidentally google ‘epic high’. It is contained within the content of the scene, music being it, and promotes a real-world product, the song ‘Fly’ and the songs by the band ‘Epik High’. Et Voila.


19-04-2009 02:09:04 UTC

Are we really going to let that concept of advertisement “Fly?”


19-04-2009 03:07:38 UTC

You will not question my subliminal advertising.


19-04-2009 03:11:45 UTC

Jedi Knight, you ain’t.


19-04-2009 14:49:50 UTC


The “mutant snake with legs” in my scene was in fact an iguana, and I am therefore promoting the purchase of pet iguanas.


19-04-2009 14:56:28 UTC

Best Scene: Aerial Combo: 24 hits!
Worst Scene: Exploding Head


19-04-2009 20:18:31 UTC

Best Scene: Transform
Worst Scene: Peel

Kevan: he/him

19-04-2009 22:00:08 UTC

Best Scene: Nooooooo
Worst Scene: Exploding Head
Best Supporting Actor: The Lillian Gish lookalike in “Nooooooo”


20-04-2009 02:13:24 UTC

Worst Scene: Peel


20-04-2009 05:59:24 UTC

Someone vote for best signature prop! You know you want to ;o


20-04-2009 14:20:00 UTC

Best Signature Prop: Contradictory Sharp Icy Fire Bat From The Inquisitive Hearing Ear

because Flu is the only one who got my Kirby-taunt torture joke in Act 3.


22-04-2009 22:43:38 UTC

Best Scene: Gnauga (Aerial Combo: 24 hits!)
Worst Scene: Rodlen (Exploding Head)
Best Supporting Actor: Darth Cliche (Lillian Gish, Nooooooo)
Best Music Arrangement: Qwazukee (U Can’t Touch This, Engage!)
Best Use of Signature Prop: Influenza (Contradictory Sharp Icy Fire Bat From The Inquisitive Hearing Ear, Eerie)

Summary: Gnauga +1, Rodlen -1, Darth Cliche +0.5, Qwazukee +0.5, Influenza +0.5


30-04-2009 22:43:11 UTC

Act 5 still needs to be wikified.