Sunday, September 09, 2007

Proposal: Wading Ashore


Adminned at 09 Sep 2007 05:52:29 UTC

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.1, before “Movement”, called “Monster Actions”:-

Each Monster may take up to three Monster Actions per day, which can be performed by any Kaiju God who contributed a section to that Monster’s creation. The same Kaiju God may not take more than one Monster Action for the same Monster, per day.

Reword the “Movement” rule to:-

Each completed Monster may occupy a Neighborhood - this is tracked in the City wiki page.

If a Monster is in a Neighborhood, then it may move to a different Neighborhood as a Monster Action.

If a Monster is complete, has three Attributes and does not occupy a Neighborhood, then it may appear in one of the Outer Regions as a Monster Action.

Add a new subrule to Rule 2.1, called “Demolition”:-

As a Monster Action, a Monster may demolish a single building in the Neighborhood it currently occupies. The Kaiju God who performed the Action should update the City wiki page to reflect this.


Amnistar: he/him

09-09-2007 11:17:35 UTC

I like it, but each monster action should require a post to the media page, so that it’s got a means of keeping track of who did what :).


09-09-2007 11:25:00 UTC

imperial I like it too, but concur with Amnistar.


09-09-2007 11:52:06 UTC

Nice facelift on the city page, btw, Kevan!

Kevan: Oracle he/him

09-09-2007 12:52:09 UTC

Oh, good call, and I’m always in favour of combining existing mechanics. I’ll repropose it later.

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