Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wait a minute…

If I read the GNDT log correctly, Josh used the Observatory and alchemarium’s power to convert 40 caffeine into the quicksilver and cogs he needed to make 8 billboards. However, he had already dismantled his workshop at this point, so this action was illegal. Therefore, so was his victory.

The dynasty ended when the DoV passed, though, so it’s probably too late to CfJ this. Furthermore, I assume nobody has any serious objections to Josh winning, so we can just let this slide.


Josh: he/they

01-04-2010 10:40:13 UTC

Oh, but by that point I had rebuilt all of the components for an Observatory, I just hadn’t updated the GNDT to reflect this. So, oversight rather than any actual mistake.


02-04-2010 17:40:47 UTC

And it’s one of those cases where the winner could trivially have corrected their win, and nobody else could really stop them.