Friday, August 14, 2009

...Wait what??

Just occured to me, but… why is it that the Braid references showed up in the vacation dynasty, but not the time-travelling one??



08-14-2009 05:16:39 UTC

The Princess was in another castle.


08-14-2009 14:27:17 UTC

/me has no idea what “Braid” is. Why is it that there’s never any references to anything I’ve heard of (Mario being pretty much the only exception)???

I mean, you could AT LEAST do a reference to THGTTG…


08-14-2009 14:34:09 UTC

Also, this is not Time Travel. It’s Time Loop.


08-15-2009 06:20:10 UTC

Wak laughed at your comment when I told him, arth. Look it up, DC. We can have references to Super Smash Brothers next Dynasty.