Friday, March 27, 2009

Proposal: Wait… you’e paying us for this, right?

Self Killed—arth

Adminned at 28 Mar 2009 11:57:43 UTC

Create a new rule called “Salary”:

Each Scripter has a statistic called ‘‘Royalties’ which is tracked in the GNDT and is a positive number with no more than two significant decimal digits, and is initially 1. No Scripter can take an action that would result in their Royalties been decreased. Each Scripter has another statistic called “Account” which is always an integer and is initially zero.

As a daily action a Scripter may “Cash In”, which means to increase their Account by an amount equal to their Salary, multiplied by the number of 8 hour periods that have elapsed since they last Cashed In. If a Scripter has never Cashed In, their Account is increased by 20 instead.

Whenever an Act is finished, each Scripter that had written a non-cut Scene for that act may increase their Royalties by 1, once within the next 48 hours of the finishing of the Act. However, if the Scripter’s scene in that act had a Body Count higher than 5, their Salary is increased an additional 0.25 for each body beyond the first 5.

Set the Salary of each Scripter who has written at least one scene to 2, and the Salary of each other Scripter to 1. Set the Accounts of each Scripter to zero.

We need some sort of resource (since Bodies and Pop are not really expendable). This time I am going for a salary type resource, where even if you forget to cash in one day, if you do the next you are still not left behind (thus making it balanced for people who can’t visit the nomic as often).



03-27-2009 09:25:18 UTC

imperial I’m not sure that we need a resource, but that’s just because I can’t think of a way to use it.


03-27-2009 09:53:28 UTC

against This seems roughly analogous to the existing Bodies count, but with added “don’t forget to claim this every single day” grind.


03-27-2009 12:13:29 UTC

against Frankly, neither statistic seems useful.


03-27-2009 12:48:54 UTC

against You don’t get paid till after it wraps; unless you are a writer in which case you get paid upfront.


03-27-2009 14:55:41 UTC



03-27-2009 16:36:49 UTC

against also royalties changes to salary for no reason half way through ^^
Also, you don’t have to do it every day because of the ‘number of 8 hour periods’ thing (unless a significant rule changes in between of course)


03-27-2009 17:13:09 UTC

Ah, missed that. Even so, this seems so closely tied to the existing “Bodies” that we’d be better off renaming that to something expendable.


03-27-2009 19:13:11 UTC

against S/K I still insist we need a resource. Its hard to create interesting mechanics if the players have nothing to spend to obtain a benefit at some point.


03-27-2009 20:16:40 UTC

against  I don’t think we need another resource at all. We should come up with ways to use the things we have.


03-27-2009 21:22:17 UTC

If we multiplied up Popularity (and divided down the Body Count bonus from it), that could easily become a spendable resource, being expended to push unpopular nonsense into the script.

Being able to spend some of your “Bodies” score would also be okay, whether or not your Bodies determined your placing in the victory condition.


03-27-2009 22:57:30 UTC


My original intention was to have a Scripter’s Bodies mean something nifty in the final Act, which would win someone the game. Something like people get to write a number of words equal to their Bodies, the Best Scene voting would be weighted to those with more Bodies (you cast a number of votes equal to your Bodies?), and the person who wrote the Best Scene may declare victory. But we’ll see.

Plus, you guys aren’t getting paid. We already spent the film budget on (according to our props page) a Nintendo GameCube, the Empire State Building, a monocle on a gold chain, and an Imported Rusty, whatever that is. So NO PAY FOR YOU.


03-28-2009 12:54:34 UTC

i like where the budget went

does that mean we now have shares in the ESB?