Friday, March 20, 2009

Wak is idle

Wakukee goes idle. Quorum drops to 12.



20-03-2009 16:17:55 UTC

Now the Wak haters can rejoice.


20-03-2009 16:25:18 UTC

And yet… Qwazukee is still very much active… I sense something brewing, perhaps…

And one more ellipses for good measure…


20-03-2009 19:02:55 UTC

Wak’s found this other game he spends all his time doing, the Kingdom of Loathing thing.

You should rejoin us, Yoda.


20-03-2009 19:28:37 UTC

I would, but I’ve just been way too busy.  I would barely have time to vote, much less actually play.

Darknight: he/him

20-03-2009 20:38:17 UTC

Not a prob Yoda, and Ik the game that Wak found Qwaz lol.


21-03-2009 00:21:02 UTC

Actually, thats not why I idled at all. I just am not too crazy about this dynasty. I plan on rejoining for the next.

Something brewing?? What do you mean? I know nothing of this… Or do I?

No. No I don’t.