Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wakukee’s Diary Entry—06/15

Oh, g-d. I think I lost them. Where the **** did the raptors get lightsabers?!? Anyway… man, I’ve been running all around the bunker… not doing much but hiding and running, yet I somehow succeeded several challenges and won a voting event. How odd. I don’t remember any of this. What?!? And what’s this in my pocket? Cards? ...huh, no money. I remember having money. I guess I lost. I also don’t remember eating much… but I am still alive. This is getting creepy… What the heck are they putting in the water??

At the bottom of the page, in a small, very different handwriting, there is another note:

...the heck?? When did I write this? That doesn’t sound anything like my experience… Raptors?? What Raptors?? Why would I write that, I don’t remember any of those things happening! Of course I was eating. And I did those challenges… and the voting event (that was scary)... And yeah, I was playing go fish… lost… the heck?!? Why did I write that… What the heck are they putting in the water??
—Wakukee ~For Dimensional Stability!~

*The page seems covered in blood, some appearing strangely green, and the page slightly singed. The date has been scratched out several times, as if it was about to be written, but the auther then had to suddenly leave, running.


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