Friday, September 28, 2018

Proposal: Walls of Fire and Light

timed out 5-0 with 1 def vote enacted by card

Adminned at 30 Sep 2018 17:25:59 UTC

Create a rule named “Fire Walls”:

A fire wall is made of 8 rows of 8 ASCII characters, with these characters coming from within the decimal ordinal range 33-126 inclusive, as listed at the following table: The positions in a fire wall may be referred to by a letter and a number, where the letter refers to rows from the top, starting with A, and number refers to columns from the left, starting with 0.

the core of a fire wall consists of the positions in the fire wall D3,E3,D4, and E4. A character appearing in one of these positions may be said to be in the firewall’s core. A fire wall that has less than two lowercase letters in its core is considered to be “Breached”.

The default fire wall has all of it’s strings set to the character ‘o’, except for its core positions, which have ‘x’ in them.

Each programmer has a fire wall, tracked in the IO tower. All fire walls are listed consecutively, with the name of the name of the programmer owning the firewall appearing on its own line above it and a single blank line appearing below it. The fire walls of the programmers are listed in descending alphabetical order, according to the name of the programmer owning the fire wall.

If the rule “Programming” exists in the rule set, remove it.

This should look pretty familiar, but I tried to add some rigor to it, so it can pass usefully.

1) instead of cells, we have ascii characters. This was done so that its easy to parse with a computer, write in text, and change in a wiki.
2) I put the firewalls directly into the IO tower. This allows the firewalls to be part of the MCP. As the walls are in the IO tower, I tried to be as precise as possible about the formatting.
3) A breached state does exist, but it doesn’t do anything yet. Its a stub.
4) I added a coordinate system to refer to positions. If anyone thinks its odd that I started with 0 instead of 1, welcome to computer-land. In computers, 0 is the first number!



28-09-2018 20:46:03 UTC

might be better than my suggestion. We’ll see.

Brendan: HE/HIM

29-09-2018 01:29:11 UTC



29-09-2018 01:47:57 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

29-09-2018 08:07:06 UTC



30-09-2018 17:20:05 UTC

for I’m going to assume you meant Program instead of programmer when enacting this