Saturday, February 08, 2020

Proposal: Walthamian commodity asymmetry theorem

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Adminned at 09 Feb 2020 16:25:32 UTC

If “Quantum Leap” has not been enacted, this proposal has no effect.

Add a rule, “Research Material”:

Two commodities are crucial to a Scientist’s research: Interuniversal Putty (or simply “Putty”) and Turboencabulators. Each Scientist has a positive integer amount of each, which defaults to 0 and is tracked on the Scientists wiki page.

Each commodity has a buy price and a sell price in each of the two Universes; these prices are tracked on the Scientists wiki page.

At any time, an X-oriented Scientist (where X is Alpha or Prime) may buy a commodity (decrease their Budget by that commodity’s buy price in Universe X and increase their amount of that commodity by 1) or sell a commodity if they have 1 or more (increase their budget by that commodity’s sell price in Universe X and decrease their amount of that commodity by 1).

Set the Prime prices of Putty to 10 sell, 12 buy and Turboencabulators to 2500 sell, 2700 buy. Set the Alpha prices of Putty to 12 sell, 15 buy and Turboencabulators to 2350 sell, 2500 buy.



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Lol turboencabulator for


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