Sunday, April 01, 2007

We all know how this is going to go down.

In a few days, some proposal will finally pass that uses the Evolutionary Variables for something, and it won’t be very well balanced. So the best strategy right now is to stockpile DNA until it becomes clear what’s most advantageous: the once-a-day limit on evolution isn’t worth the risk of hitching your wagon to the wrong variable. This is lame! It needs to be made worthwhile to evolve, and evolve in different directions, soon. Here are the possibilites that I can see:

1. Introduce the main mechanism for using EVs right away, and make it balanced.
2. Make it harder to evolve as time goes on.
3. Make it harder to evolve depending on how evolved everyone else already is (or easier if you’re the first).
4. Introduced some bonus for being the most evolved in certain ways.

I have an idea for 4, but what kind of thing would you actually vote for?


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