Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Proposal: We have the GNDT…. might as well use it!


Adminned at 13 Sep 2005 10:22:54 UTC

Create a new column in the GNDT for each commodity.  Move the information from the Commodities market page to the GNDT.  Delete the entirety of the Commodities Market page.

Wherever in the ruleset a value is referred to as being “tracked in the Commodities market page”, replace that with “tracked in the GNDT”. 

If any rule refers to the Commodities Market Discussion Page, strike ‘Discussion’.  Move all information from the Commodities Market Discussion Page to the Commodities Market Page.



09-13-2005 09:33:22 UTC



09-13-2005 10:01:10 UTC


Reasons of Veto:

1 - It’s easier to follow chages in the Wiki than in the GNDT;
2 - Moving this information to GNDT’s fields disencourages creating more Commodities;
3 - I like the Wiki.


09-13-2005 15:07:52 UTC

I don’t agree. This seems like perfect GNDT tracked information to me.


09-13-2005 15:43:27 UTC

I would have voted for this too.


09-13-2005 17:13:47 UTC

As would I. This would really come in handy.


09-13-2005 17:21:30 UTC

This, together with Exacalabur’s next Proposal, would amount for 6 new columns in the GNDT, virtually barring the addition of any more commodities into the market.