Friday, March 13, 2009

Proposal: We need Acts. We need Scenes. We need Deaths

Reached quorum, 10 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 14 Mar 2009 12:52:31 UTC

Let’s get writing more killing NOW!

If the Proposal titled “Headcount” failed, create a new dynastic rule, called ‘Bodies’, with the following text:

Each Scripter has a statistic called Bodies which is tracked in the GNDT. A Scripter’s Bodies is a non-negative integer. New Scripters start with a Bodies value of 0.

Set the Bodies of each Scripter to 0.

Create a new dynastic rule, called ‘Acts’, with the following text:

The Producer may make a new Act by posting a Story Post with “[Act X]” in the title, replacing X with the numeral of the new Act (which is the numeral of the last Act to be created plus one, or 1 if there is no previous Act); the Story Post posted is the Drawing Board of the new Act. In the Drawing Board post the Producer shall give a summary of the start of the Act no longer than 15 words, for example ‘Protagonist in office block trying to find killer of wife’, and a Target Body Count (which is a non-negative integer). Acts are not Finished when they are created.

Any Scripter may create a Scene in an Act that is not Finished by rolling DICE10 in the GNDT to get their Scene’s Body Count, then posting a comment to the Drawing Board describing their Scene. If the Scripter creating a Scene has already created a Scene in that Act, the previous Scene they created is said to be Cut, as in no longer part of the finished Act, and the Scripter’s Bodies shall decrease by the Scene’s Body Count.

The description of a Scene requires a Title (text which cannot exceed five words), a Script (a text summary of the scene which cannot exceed 25 words), and the Scene’s Body Count. Scripters are encouraged to write a script that reflects the Body Count they have rolled. The Bodies statistic of a Scripter who creates a Scene increases by the Body Count of the Scene they create.

After 72 hours, or once the total of all the Act’s Scenes’ (excluding those that are Cut) Body Counts equals or exceeds the Target Body Count of the Scene, the Producer may declare the Act to be Finished, by posting a comment to the Drawing Board containing the phrase ‘That’s enough’. A wiki page shall then be created, called Act X (replacing X with the numeral of the Act), containing each Scene that is not Cut in the Act, in the order they were posted (the Title of a Scene being its Header, and its Description and Body Count being under that header).

An example scene:

Title: Chopsticks
Description: Hero grabs man, throttles him, steals chopsticks. Then, kills four attackers with chopstick-fu, before using chopstick as throwing knife to kill final assailant.
Body Count: 6


Kevan: he/him

13-03-2009 20:22:25 UTC

for Although I’m not sure about the “cut” mechanic - doesn’t this mean that we can keep rolling DICE10 and rewriting scenes until we get a 10?


13-03-2009 20:34:07 UTC

Good point. A counter I can think of is if we introduce a stat that controls your Body Count dice size (an ‘Influence’ stat of sorts), rewriting scenes could decrease your influence (whereas having people name your Scene as Best of The Act after the act is finished could increase it, etc.)

It doesn’t really matter much, I don’t think, if people can artifically max their roll for the first Act until it’s fixed. I just want to get people writing crazy stuff ASAP.

arthexis: he/him

13-03-2009 20:39:43 UTC

against I like this, but I can’t let the unlimited rolls slide.

I am also up for the Influence thing (maybe call it Inspiration? or Talent?). Everyone starts with 10 and each time they cut one of their scenes, the loose 1 point permanently. The stat should go up in some way unrelated to scripting.


13-03-2009 20:43:22 UTC

Instead of voting AGAINST, why don’t you simply post a fix proposal that is likely to pass as this one passes? Under this proposal I control Act creation anyway, so this ‘edition’ of the rule could be never used, yet the proposal doesn’t need to fail which makes me sad.


13-03-2009 20:45:03 UTC

Extra note: creating a Scene should be a daily action. That blocks unseen quirkiness getting out of control.

Kevan: he/him

13-03-2009 20:45:12 UTC

Posted. Fall forwards fast, people.

Darknight: he/him

13-03-2009 21:06:07 UTC



13-03-2009 21:07:29 UTC



13-03-2009 21:13:35 UTC



13-03-2009 21:15:42 UTC

A scene…where the protagonist writes “RODLAN WUZ HARE” on the wall…with the blood from X bodies…


13-03-2009 23:13:35 UTC



13-03-2009 23:14:03 UTC

CoV against  in favor of Kevan’s version.

Kevan: he/him

13-03-2009 23:16:41 UTC

My proposal isn’t a “version”, it modifies the rule that this proposal enacts.


14-03-2009 03:19:41 UTC

Apart from the “infinite rerolls” cheat (which looks like it shall be quickly solved anyway), I see no problems with this whatsoever.  for

SingularByte: he/him

14-03-2009 09:41:55 UTC



14-03-2009 09:44:06 UTC

“Crazed Psycopath Love Scene” coming up


14-03-2009 18:25:32 UTC



14-03-2009 18:55:29 UTC

CoV again,  for  sorry.


14-03-2009 19:17:58 UTC