Monday, April 03, 2017

Proposal: Weaponry

Less than quorum not voting against 1 to 6. Failed by Derrick.

Adminned at 05 Apr 2017 15:58:54 UTC

Under rule Anatomy, in the bullet point list add:

Poison Nostrils: A Organ in the Posion Nostril state may, as a daily single action, attack another creature in the same square as itself (As defined in the neighbors rule)

Create a new rule heading named “Attacking” with the following rules:

When you wish to attack another creature, create a votable story post declaring who is attacking what and where (ie Eve is attacking Medusa E3)
To succeed, their must be quorum plus 1 for the attack to succeed. If it does succeed, then remove creature from map, if the creature was a medusa, the prosperity of the appropriate player is reduced by one, then change the state to Amorphous. If it fails, the attacking organ must be changed in the GNDT to organ state Gut.

If the ability of players to post votable story matters is not possible, then this proposal automatically fails.


Lets make things interesting…

Things are always more interesting when you start throwing posion at each other…



04-03-2017 21:42:40 UTC

posterity is not tracked, it is calculated. The line about reducing posterity will create a tangled mess. Removing the medusa is sufficient. Also, “the appropriate player” seems very ambiguous to me.

Medusas are not creatures. They are neighbors.

Its odd that the vote is tied to game quorum instead of creature quorum. And more odd that it can be stopped at all.


04-04-2017 01:38:01 UTC

Yeah, I like the concept but the proposal needs some work as derrick mentioned.

Oracular rufio:

04-04-2017 05:15:00 UTC

Additionally, it’s not clear who’s state is being changed to Amorphous, or why the attacker becomes a gut.


04-04-2017 08:16:59 UTC



04-04-2017 16:13:26 UTC



04-04-2017 17:05:50 UTC


If its locked, then I cannot vote for this proposal.


04-04-2017 17:40:39 UTC

against per others, I like the idea of creatures attacking each other (or just attacking Medusas?) but needs clarity.

Oracular rufio:

04-04-2017 21:37:39 UTC



04-04-2017 22:49:04 UTC



04-05-2017 15:43:30 UTC