Sunday, September 11, 2016

Story Post: Weekly Boast

Other tales, and their implications, travel by word of mouth; those that can be fairly traced back to the Pirate state:

That neither the Island of Dredger Cove, the Island of Arid Dunes, nor the Island of Crab Edge are home to the Pirate’s Hoard;

That the Landmarks of the ruins, and the source of the river, are not home to the Pirate’s Hoard;

And lastly that none of the Islands in the “E” row (The Island of Endless Ashes, the Island of Emerald Bluffs, the Island of the Ebon Caldera, the Island of Execution Dock, and the Island of the Eagle’s Eyrie) of the Golden Archipelago are home to the Pirate’s Hoard.


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