Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ascension Address: Welcome to Cartlesham Manor

Thank you all for taking the time and trouble to journey through the thick fog and treacherous country lanes to Cartlesham Manor, this evening. As you are all well aware, the sudden and tragic death of Lord Cartlesham means that the majority of his estate and not inconsiderable fortune is due to pass to the next in the family line. As the executor of his will, I am required to read its terms to you at 9am sharp in his lordship’s library, tomorrow morning. You will find that rooms have been laid out in the east wing, and the kitchen staff have - before retiring for the night - laid out a small banquet in the dining hall.

I’ll take my leave of you before this fog gets any worse. I trust I shall see you all in the morning.

Change “Djinni” to “Executor” throughout the ruleset, and “Adventurer” to “Guest”. Repeal all Dynastic Rules except Rule 2.1 (Dji-man), but including Rules 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.

This is intended to give room for another Werewolf-style dynasty (where a small minority of players are secretly murdering the others, who have to fight back), if enough people want to play one - I know a few regulars were disappointed to have missed the Werewolf Dynasty in 2007. There’s plenty of scope for other directions, though.

A tip of the hat to this Flickr user for the CC-licenced blood drips in the dynastic title image.



01-14-2010 15:05:00 UTC



01-14-2010 15:08:59 UTC

I’ll propose a simple Werewolf mechanic momentarily, to gauge opinion.


01-14-2010 15:17:45 UTC

Having recently re-read “The Westing Game” and re-watched “Clue”, I’m up for a manor mystery.  I unidle.


01-14-2010 15:30:27 UTC

I hope they serve monkey brains…


01-14-2010 15:31:14 UTC


If studying doesn’t get in the way, maybe I should start drawing a possible floor plan of the whole manor.


01-14-2010 15:43:09 UTC

This AA looks more like a murder mystery to me. I wouldn’t expect Kevan’s projection into the game to be alive by 9am tomorrow morning…


01-14-2010 15:45:47 UTC

Oh, I’m deliberately keeping the G-Man rule in, this time. I am safe in my solicitor’s office twenty miles away.


01-14-2010 15:52:57 UTC

I loved Westing Game when I was a kid.
Regarding the manor’s floor plan, let’s get the other mechanics set up before we worry about locations.  Too many locations could be a problem if the murderer and victim need to be in the same location- everyone would just spread out.


01-14-2010 16:05:01 UTC

Ah yes, “everyone spread out”, that always works in the films… (I’d probably suggest that the Murderer should be allowed to lie about their location, although we’d also have to balance against “everyone stay in the dining room”.)


01-14-2010 18:10:31 UTC

Yeah, Westing Game made me feel dumb. But I loved reading it.


01-14-2010 20:18:05 UTC

“Executor”.  How ominous.


01-14-2010 20:18:33 UTC

“Executor”.  How ominous.


01-14-2010 22:34:20 UTC

Why not make the floor plan similar to that of Kill Dr. Lucky? I always liked that game.