Monday, April 27, 2009

What happened to IRC

I’ve figured out what was going on with the IRC channel, and in particular, why everything related to the channel started going wrong recently.

It seems that the channel #nomic was considered unused for sufficiently long that the channel was automatically dropped (returned to the control of people at large, rather than BlogNomic in particular); although I kept entering there, I was the only person, and had no official status within the channels, so the automated systems at slashnet concluded (incorrectly) that I was someone who wanted an abandoned channel for myself, as opposed to someone hoping the genuine occupants would come back. The channel’s been under nobody’s control in particular for quite a while, therefore (which is maybe why the page we were scraping before disappeared).

Anyway, I’ve now taken control of the channel (claiming territory for BlogNomic, hurrah), and taken steps to try to ensure that we keep the same channel long-term. blognomicbot, in addition to scraping the nick list, has now been given official status within the channel (even though it doesn’t actually /do/ anything), so it counts as being a legitimate user of the channel. Likewise, I’m currently on the official list (with full dictator powers to do anything; someone has to have those powers at any given moment, otherwise there’d be no way to pass them around). Therefore, unless something happens to me, it’s likely that we’ll have the channel for the near future, at least.

Still, it’s a pity that IRC was sufficiently abandoned that slashnet decided we didn’t use it any more. It would be a pity if that useful source of real-time discussion continued in disuse. The dynasty is apparently drawing to a close soon; for all I know, the next dynasty will be one where IRC is much more useful. (It’s certainly likely to be if I win it.)



27-04-2009 21:49:53 UTC

“(It’s certainly likely to be if I win it.)”
Or if I win.

Also, you seem like one of the more likely options for winning, seeing how you have the most royalties - Josh is the only one who can possibly beat you, since has has the most popularity.


27-04-2009 22:24:39 UTC

The person who’ll win will be the person who is best at persuading everyone else that not only should they win due to the quality of their writing, they are also going to win. Or, failing that, the person who manages to snatch the win from the person above with the most tactical bribery.

Probably. Give me a few days.

- The Producer

Kevan: he/him

28-04-2009 10:31:17 UTC

Thanks for stepping in on the IRC issues, Ais. It’d definitely be interesting to have a dynasty that actively involved a few live events on the IRC channel, if we could sort out timezones.