Thursday, December 23, 2010

What happened to the Christmas tree post?

I don’t see it anywhere. Who won? Subrincinator increased eir funds by 50, but I don’t even recall what the bonus reward for that one was, and so donno if Subrincinator was trying to give himself the bonus reward for the blue one too early or if he legit one the other one and someone the post disappeared.


Josh: he/him

23-12-2010 17:01:38 UTC

Hmm, this is probably my fault.

Subrincator’s last comment broke the template, so I couldn’t comment to it that he had won the bonus. For that reason I marked it as closed, which has apparently caused it to disappear rather than just making it closed for comments.

I’ve changed it to a different category - should be visible from the front page now?


23-12-2010 20:05:17 UTC

I didn’t increase my funds, Josh did.  Sorry for breaking the template!  As you can tell, I was stumbling in the dark trying to post pictures, only succeeded in posting one view.