Sunday, February 17, 2008

Proposal: What happens if the Dealer gets shot?

timed out, final vote 3-3—Yoda

Adminned at 19 Feb 2008 18:06:45 UTC

Add a new Core Rule titled “Metadynasties” with the following text:

If the Dealer leaves the game for any reason (i.e. he goes idle.), the game enter a Metadynasty period.  During this time, any Admin may act as the Dealer as described in the Dynastic Rules until another Player achieves victory.  This type of action is called a Dealer Action.  If any Admin performs a Dealer Action that is explicitly limited (e.g. as a daily action or a weekly action), then no Admin may perform that Dealer Action again until the Ruleset allows it.

For example, if there is no Dealer and an Admin performs a Dealer Action that is stated in the Dynastic Rules to be a Weekly Action, then another Admin may not perform that same Dealer Action for the remainder of that week.

This rule will allow the group of Admins to take over the role of the Dealer if the Dealer goes idle.  It should prevent the disaster that occurred in the last dynasty when Hix went idle.



02-17-2008 02:45:54 UTC

imperial for now idk, that type is for times of no winners. i’ll wait for other votes/comments


02-17-2008 05:46:10 UTC

Are there not rules in place that allows the players to deal? Or is that only after the initial hand starts?


02-17-2008 22:12:04 UTC

and I will try to make sure that this doesn’t become an issue.


02-17-2008 23:10:43 UTC



02-18-2008 00:59:04 UTC

for just to clarify, being only dynastic dealer actions, this wouldn’t include things like veto, correct?


02-18-2008 01:35:35 UTC



02-18-2008 04:19:25 UTC

DEF votes on proposals to amend core rules are a really terrible idea—- think about this carefully, and make a substantive vote.


02-18-2008 04:33:17 UTC

lol well i didn’t note it was aimed at core rules spike.  for COV all the same


02-18-2008 11:28:35 UTC

Isn’t this putting an awful lot of power into the hands of the admins? Although it’d be useful for keeping the game moving, dynasties often put simple “common sense” rules under the whim of the benign Emperor, and these could become powerful weapons if they fell into the hands of a player who actually wanted to win.


02-18-2008 14:54:10 UTC

against COV - good point, kevan. would be better to just do things on a case by case basis, if the dealer went on hiatus during a dynasty.


02-18-2008 16:58:50 UTC

I figure that if the Emperor goes awol, it’s generally a good time for a dynasty change so bringing the dynasty to a soft landing and identifying a winner is a good thing


02-18-2008 18:41:21 UTC

I agree with Kevan here - the worst that can happen currently is that we wait a few days until a temporary patch goes through.


02-19-2008 03:32:22 UTC

Kevan’s concern is a valid concern; however, this is a nomic, so bending the rules for our favor only makes the game more interesting.  Also, this will only happen once every few dynasties anyway, so we should not have to worry about it too much.

This rule is just a precaution in case the emperor does leave so that the dynasty does not die immediately.


02-19-2008 05:01:49 UTC



02-19-2008 05:02:24 UTC

I prefer dynastic rules to fix issues like this.


02-19-2008 12:53:13 UTC

Fair points.  COV against