Monday, May 18, 2009

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

For a while back, I started to wonder: would it be too hard to have some sort of polling system integrated into EE? I don’t even know if others like the idea, but I am sure some of you might have thought about it before. Yes, we can do poll-like stuff with proposals and whatnot, but it usually involves adding all sorts of legalese text to rule the poll.

If others like this idea, but implementing an automated poll system is not feasible or practical, I suggest we add a Glosary entry that defines what a Poll is, and how should it be conducted, for those cases where we need to use one. If this is the case, I’ll draft said proposal myself.

Your thoughts on this?



05-18-2009 04:25:45 UTC



05-18-2009 04:29:38 UTC

I like the idea, if it is implementable without too much trouble?


05-18-2009 09:50:25 UTC

I’d like polls too. Hopefully someone who knows EE well would be able to say how hard it is.

Ienpw III:

05-18-2009 14:27:33 UTC

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05-18-2009 14:54:34 UTC

Honeycomb, sorry distracted by ice cream. So youre suggesting creation of new rules for a poll type post being similar in nature to proposal or CfJs.



05-18-2009 15:29:04 UTC

Perhaps Kevan would know?  If I remember correctly, he was the one that added the flavor box to the publish form.


05-18-2009 18:39:52 UTC

@Psychotipath: Yes. Behavior of Poll-like posts should be well defined and uniform.